Alvis’ world : The clever bunnies

It so happened that one day at Alvis’ school, all the teachers were called to a meeting and the children were left unattended. Ms Molly left some work on the board for all the children and she divided the class into two groups. The children were to work together in each group to finish the work on the board.

The first group did as instructed and together they began working on the work Ms Molly had left them.

As for the second group, the group that Alvis was in, they thought it best to play and have fun first before doing Ms Molly’s work. And so Alvis and his friends played and enjoyed themselves, forgetting all about the work on the board. Time flew by and they didn’t notice, the games they were playing made them forget about the task they needed to do.

The meeting ended and the teachers started returning to their classrooms. Alvis saw this and ran to tell his group mates. The work was too difficult for them to do it in that short time, and so they copied from the other group.

When Ms Molly came back, they had all finished and so she collected the books to mark them. Before long, she noticed that all the answers were the same.

Halfway through marking she got angry and stopped as all the answers were too similar. It was quite clear to her that one group had copied from the other. She called Eunice to the front and asked her what had happened while she was at the meeting.

Eunice being very afraid and very innocent confessed everything to Ms Molly. After listening to the whole story of what had happened, Ms Molly came up with an idea to teach a lesson about cheating to all her students.

She told them to clear all the desks and chairs and after they had finished, they sat down with her and she began to tell them a folktale story.

“Once upon a time,” she began, “A long,long time ago when animals could speak,there was a huge drought for many months. The ponds and small rivers dried up and the animals had to go far to find drinking water.”

“Soon even the far away lakes and rivers also started drying up and the animals had to come up with a plan to find drinking water. All the animals of the forest got together and had a large meeting.”

“There were many ideas and suggestions discussed in the meeting but in the end the animals agreed that they would work together and dig a well. All the animals in the forest worked together to dig the well except for the bunnies. As the other animals worked, the bunnies slept under trees and bushes, making fun of all the working animals and laughing at them.”

“After a few days, the animals finished digging the well and it looked beautiful. Before drinking from the well, they set up rules to protect the well and keep the water in it clean.”

“Everyday the animals didn’t have to go far to find water, they would just drink from the well.”

“As for the bunnies, the other animals didn’t allow them to drink from the well so they had to go to far away lakes just to find water. It became difficult for them to travel the long distance daily and so they devised a plan to steal water from the well while the other animals were sleeping.”

“And so at night, the bunnies carried their buckets and sneaked to the well. They took as much water as they could carry but left the well muddy and destroyed.”

“When morning came, the other animals woke up and went to drink from the well but they found their well destroyed. They were all very confused and angry and so they had a meeting to discuss this issue.”

“In the meeting, every animal claimed to not know what had happened to the well, including the bunnies who denied ever coming to the well.”

“In the end the animals decided they would take turns guarding the well to catch whoever was destroying it. The bear was the first to guard the well as he was strong and could face any thief.”

“The bunnies, being very clever waited for bear to fall asleep and stole the water from the well again. When bear woke up the damage was already done.”

“Mr Rhino offered to be the next to guard the well after bear had failed. He also fell into a deep sleep and the bunnies managed to steal the water again.”

“Seeing that all the animals were failing to guard the well, Mrs Owl decided to guard the well that night and the lion helped her set a trap for the thieves.”

“The two of them covered the well in sticky sap they had found from a nearby tree and Mrs Owl waited patiently that night for the water thieves to come.”

“The bunnies came and they easily fell into the trap Mr Lion and Mrs Owl had left for them. In the morning all the animals of the forest came and found the bunnies still stuck at the well. Mrs Owl explained how she and Mr Lion had set up a trap for the thieves and how she had spent the whole night watching the bunnies so they wouldn’t escape.”

“The bunnies were freed from the sticky sap and then banished to leave the forest and never return.”

“The bunnies begged and pleaded with the other animals to have mercy and give them another punishment but it did not work as all the animals were very angry and wanted them to leave the forest.”

“In the end the bunnies left the forest, feeling very sad and lonely. The end.”

Ms Molly was finished with the story and asked one of the kids to explain what they had learnt from it. Alvis was the first to lift his hand and when Ms Molly picked him, he gave his answer.

“The bunnies thought they were very clever and stole water from the well they had not helped to build but in the end they were caught. Being lazy and stealing made them get banished from the forest. I learned that watching others work hard and then stealing from them is not right and will get you in trouble.”

“Very true Alvis and I hope everyone here learned this lesson,” Ms Molly said. Alvis and his group mates confessed to Ms Molly and for punishment, they stayed after school to redo the work Ms Molly had given them.

Do join me again next week Thursday for another fun adventure with Alvis 🙂

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